Lambazouk - dance from Brazil.

It has begun with Lambada music and dance in 80ties.
Later the dance had transformed itself as it started to be danced on zouk music.
It has been developed into Brasilian zouk dance, mostly called as Rio style. But the original Lambada was also developing itself in its own way, mostly in its cradle - Porto Seguro town. It is now called Lambazouk or zouk-lambada and is danced more often on ghetto zouk music (urban kizomba music style).
Nowadays there are lot of styles and names for this dance - Lambazouk, Zouk-lambada, Rio-zouk, Soul-zouk, Neozouk, etc.  

About us

We are Ladislav Michnovic and Leona Kubesova.
We live in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.
We have been learning this dance for couple of years, we are still visiting festivals all around the world.
We also teach and give classes.
You can watch us in this video.

Performance with Toom Chick Chick group in Prague zouk congress